Power Adhesive Glue (Strong)


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Power Adhesive Glue (Strong)


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Sticks your false eyelashes steadily for 24 hours. The strong adhesive, which resists sebum, water, sweat, and tears, sticks false eyelashes on your eyelid from eye inner corner to eye outer corner steadily. Gentle to the skin, comes in an useful thin brush and clear glue.


1. Apply the eyelash glue to your false lashes carefully not to apply it to lash part. 

?Point?If you put glue little more on inner corner, and then outer corner of false eyelashes, you can keep false eyelashes more long time.

2. After applying, please wait about 1~2minutes until glue?s color changes white to clear.

If glue which isn?t dried well sticks eyelid, it is hard to remove glue. Please be careful.

3. Placing the false lashes on your lash line.

After you use the glue, please wipe glue which sticks to mouth of bottle and keep it capped.

*About how to use false eyelashes, please read instruction of how to use false eyelashes.

?How to remove false eyelashes.?

Remove the false eyelashes from outer side softly not to damage your skin and eyelashes. If the glue remains on eyelid, remove them using facial cleansing cream, cleansing oil, or warm water.


Use only for intended purpose./ Be careful not to put it in eyes. Wash off immediately with water or warm water in case of it getting in eyes. Please go to an eye doctor. / If the abnormality such as a rash, an inflammation appears, please stop using it and please see a dermatologist./ When person with weak or sensitive skin, person who has allergies use this product, please do the patch test and if there are allergy on the skin do not use it. *Patch test : test for allergy. Apply the adhesive on the inside of your arm and confirm whether any abnormality appears or not while 24 hours. /When you use this product, please make ventilation better./Please confirm whether the cover of bottle closes after use it./ When adhesive attaches to clothes, it may soak./ Please keep it out of reach of children./ Please keep away it from heat, humidity, and direct sunlight.

In the property of this product, it freezes up and ingredients separate when you keep this in -5 degrees or less. Please never keep this at the place that may become the temperature be lower than zero degree.


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