Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

General information

As of the moment of taking steps aimed at the use of the Website, each User is obliged to abide by the provisions of these Terms and Conditions. The below Terms and Conditions should be read carefully prior to the registration on or use of the Website, especially those paragraphs highlighted in bold in these Terms and Conditions.

The terms used herein shall have the following meaning:

Website – the web platform located at the address: beautime.com.my, consisting of graphic elements and software that allows for the provision of services electronically to Users, i.e. fulfillment of the Order. The Sellers’ Goods are presented on the Website.

Order – the list of Goods that the Orderer wants to purchase, prepared and sent by the Orderer to the Seller through the application made available on the Website.

Orderer – a natural person having full capacity of civil conduct, or having limited capacity for civil conduct and engaging in activities appropriate to his age and intellect, a body corporate or an organizational unit or an entity not possessing the status of a legal person and engaging in activities within its permitted business scope that raises the Order. If any person or entity engages in any activities out of its capacity or business scope, then such an order is invalid from the very beginning. Beautime is entitled to cancel the order, deregister the user or reject to provide services or goods.

User – any natural person that makes use of the Website.

Goods – Goods presented by the Seller on the Website, from among which the Orderer may select items to raise an Order and then to purchase them when they have been offered to the Orderer by the Seller on delivery.

Price – the gross price of Goods, excluding their Delivery Costs. Prices are given in RM and do include VAT. Prices given on the Website are only guide prices. On delivery, Prices of specific Goods may differ from their Prices given on the Website and are Prices of Goods effective in the Location on the day of the delivery.

Delivery Costs – fees for the delivery of Goods to the Orderer. They are displayed on the Website at the moment of raising an Order for Goods by the Orderer.

Account – the User’s individual Account, created after their registration, by means of which the User raises Orders and manages their data given during the registration.

Login – email address given by the Orderer during the registration on the Website.

Helpline – the telephone Support Centre for Website is 016-3773029 / 0172052622.

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